J.O. King Incorporated


J.O. King, Inc. is proud to be a factory-authorized distributor of Henrob, the world leader in self-pierce riveting technology.

Providing fast, consistent high-quality joints, Henrob fastening systems are used extensively in many industries, from metal fabrication and construction to transportation and electronics.

HenrobĀ® self-pierce riveting (HSPR) can join a variety of materials, including high strength steel, aluminum, plastic, and composites. No pre-drilled or pre-punched hole is required. Because HSPR is a cold form process, distortion due to heat-affected zones is eliminated. Self-pierce rivets can be placed in pre-painted and pre-coated applications without damaging its appearance.

Henrob's philosophy is to design reliable, robust solutions for production. State-of-the-art installation systems optimize placement and lower in-place costs.

The tool size, shape and configuration will be engineered to install the fasteners quickly and consistently. Electric- or hydraulic-powered equipment is available. Optional process monitoring equipment ensures proper, consistent placement with pedestal or automated systems. Many rivet feed systems are available, from tape mounted to loose feed.

HSPR is the solution for today's demanding applications.

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