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ITW Waterbury Buckle

J.O. King, Inc. is proud to be an authorized distributor for ITW Waterbury buckle and offers a wide selection of ITW Waterbury buckle products. Waterbury offers both metal and plastic buckles featuring quick release, high-strength, and high impact resistance, for both personnel and equipment.

J.O. King, Inc. matches the right products and materials to our customer's unique buckle needs. Some products are time-tested solutions to fastening requirements, others result from thorough research and development. If the standard line of buckles does not meet a client's requirements, then ITW Waterbury has the capabilities to engineer a custom solution to fit the unique application.

ITW Waterbury provides buckle solutions for industry and the military. They have been supplier for the military for over 150 years, providing highly tested military buckle hardware that meets rigorous temperature extremes. Our plastic and metal buckles are available in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes. In stock and custom sizes and specifications are available.

ITW Waterbury offers one of the largest available selections of buckle hardware and accessories for government/military and commercial applications. We are the only company offering a broad product line coupled with expertise in working with a wide variety of materials and manufacturing techniques.

ITW Waterbury not only has the right buckle hardware products, but also the quality you expect from a company that has designed products meeting government specifications since 1853.

ITW Waterbury is included on the Acceptable Supplier List (ASL) maintained by the Defense Personnel Support Center. ASL status was granted after a detailed Department of Defense Inspection of ITW Waterbury's quality control program, quality history, and manufacturing facilities.

Whether you are bidding on a contract or engineering a new product, it's likely ITW Waterbury has the right fastener.

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