J.O. King Incorporated

Huck Fasteners

J.O. King, Inc. is proud to be Huck Fasteners largest authorized industrial distributor of commercial Huck lockbolts and rivets. Huck is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance, proprietary fasteners and fastener installation systems.

Huck fasteners are designed into nearly every current U.S. and European commercial aircraft and most military aircraft. The company's fasteners are also used in heavy-duty trucks and trailers, automobiles and recreational vehicles, school buses, railroad cars and intermodal freight containers, bridges, mines and commercial buildings.

With a broad range of value-added products for aircraft and industrial applications worldwide, Huck's fastener business is well-positioned to take advantage of the rebounding aircraft market and increasing industrialization around the globe.

Huck is pursuing commercial business growth through product innovation, market development and diversification, and selected acquisitions.

Industrial Division

For more than a century, the goal of Huck Fasteners has been to provide customers with problem-solving and cost-efficient fastening solutions. Huck meets this goal by offering complete fastening systems. The company's products include blind rivets, blind bolts, and lockbolts, as well as a full line of pneudraulic and hydraulic tooling and installation equipment.

Huck meets the fastener needs of thousands of companies with a broad product line, which includes Large Lockbolts, Small Lockbolts, Medium and Heavy Duty Blind Rivets & Specialized Installation Tooling.

Huck tools feature rugged construction for long life, and lightweight, ergonomic designs that minimize operator fatigue and optimize production. These tools provide for quiet and fast installation of up to 1000 fasteners per hour and can be used to install fasteners from a number of manufacturers.

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