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A washer can be a flat thin ring or perforated plate used in joints or assembles to ensure tightness, prevent leakage or relieve friction. Washers come in various sizes and uses. They can be made of metal, plastic, rubber, or other high performance materials. Washers are typically used to stop bolt, nuts, screws or other fasteners from failing. Typical washers include Flat Bibb, Beveled Bibb, Soft Flat Bibb, Fender and USS Flat metal washers. Washers are usually matched with the specific application specifications, which include the materials to be joined, the fasteners to be used, the performance requirement for the application and the client's cost requirements.

J.O. King offers a wide variety of washers that can be used for almost any client application. Please complete an information request or contact your sales representative to determine the best solution for your application